First performance of the fairytale-opera „Das hässliche Entlein/The ugly duckling“ in Nuremberg

Vivienne Olive's opera "Das hässliche Entlein" (The Ugly Duckling) was first performed on March 6, 2010 in Nuremberg. It was a coproduction between the Hochschule für Musik Nuremberg and the "Theater Mummpitz". The author and director Doris Dörrie wrote the libretto. Publisher of the work is Furore Verlag in Kassel, which specialises in music by women composers.

Artikel: "Eine Märchenoper für Groß und Klein" aus "Tableau Musical" 8/2009.

das haessliche entlein

It is important for me to be able to compose on all levels: music can be extremely complex and satisfy on an intellectual as well as aesthetic level. It can be uplifting, moving - but it can also be purely entertaining. After struggling with the complexities of something like my Music for Tuba and Orchestra, I find it refreshing to sit down and write a rag-time for piano. I imagine that the audience is also grateful for some light relief. We are living in an age in which there is a massive divide between "serious" comtemporary music and pop music. I would like to show that I have something to say in both areas.


Vivienne Olive

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